AI powered optimization for cleaner, safer and more efficient maritime transport.

SmartShipping by Komorebi

SmartShipping is an AI powered weather routing and performance optimization tool design to boost the operation of Maritime transport while reducing its impact to the enviroment.

In an average week of sailing with a cargo vessel our solution can save at least:

22000 $

30 tn of fuel

100 tn of C02

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AI powered optimization for cleaner, safer and more efficient maritime transport.


In the world of maritime transport, there are major challenges to be solved in the coming years.



Maritime traffic produces 2.5% of the planet's total CO2 emissions. The International Maritime Organization aims to reduce these emissions by 40% before 2030.


Money saving

Fuel amounts to 60% of the total operational cost of sea transport, for a total bill of €120 Billions per year. Optimizing routes can save 3-10% of this sum at almost no extra cost.


Crew safety

Sailing under adverse weather conditions causes 48% of maritime casualties. Crew and cargo safety must be considered when planning optimal routes.

Data driven optimization model

We use advance mathematical models to accurately simulate the interaction of waves, currents and wind on a specific vessel. We combine the most recent evolutionary optimization algorithms and gradient descent variational methods to find the optimal route according to user defined criteria.

Oceanographic and weather conditions are constanly changing, so optimal routes will change every day. Also on a given day, the optimal route will be different for each vessel. All our data are daily updated from main weather and ocean data providers.

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Our solution is already deployed for its use in real life scenarios, our application can perform a tailor made optimization for any specific choice of vessel and route. We gather historical data and we are also able to predict in the future! Each day there is a different solution for your operation.

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